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Lynne Ferencz
24 Queen St, Burnie 7320
Tasmania Australia
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The Duck House

26 Queen Street
Burnie, Tasmania

Mrs Philpotts

28 Queen St
Burnie, Tasmania


1 Princes St
Burnie, Tasmania

History of Duck House Cottage

Salvation Army Captain, Bill Duck and his wife Winifred shared a long, rich and rewarding life in this charming timber cottage. Not surprisingly, the locals often referred to it as “the Duck house”.

When the current owners purchased the cottage in 1975 and began the transformation work so evident today, it seemed appropriate to simply capitalize all words and name the new venture “The Duck House”.

By coincidence a duck picture was added to a wall, then a duck ornament was placed on a mantle shelf. Before long the owners were well down the path to having a huge collection of duck memorabilia. You’ll discover ducks in the most interesting guises and most surprising locations.

We challenge you to count all the ducks to be found at The Duck House. And in answer to a commonly asked question, yes…. your duck slippers may be legally classified as two ducks for the purpose of the auditing process!